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Dean Kelly Motivational Speaker

Natural Born Fighter

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About Dean Kelly


Dean is a disabled working-class gentleman who over the years, had discovered that due to his impairment, would always need to work harder then his counterparts. Despite this, Dean has always been able to achieve his goals in life and has never allowed adversity to get in the way. With a very successful 20-year career in accountancy, Dean has learnt how to turn a negative into a positive and thrives on new challenges where he sees injustice.


One of the many driving forces that lead Dean to become a motivational speaker was due to Dean having the need to take legal action against the medical defence union for a personal injury. This set a legal president and became a landmark case but more importantly, provides those with an impairment a voice who until recently, were unheard.


What sets Dean apart from other motivation speakers are his lived experiences which equips him with a unique insight into a world that is normally guarded due not being understood.


What most find surprising is that regardless of the impairment, Dean was a British Judo National Champion. Training for many years in Judo helped Dean deal with day-to-day challenges he faced and assisted Dean to gain a level of understanding that most will never possess.


Dean has cerebral palsy and was fighting against those with dyslexia and winning on a regular basis.  A coach at the Nationals called me a “Natural Born Fighter” which he is, on and off the Judo mat.

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Dean Kelly, UK Motivational Speaker-Thriving with Cerebral Palsy

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Client Reviews

Motivational speaking is not just about motivating people but is about improving one's life in a number of different ways.

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Chris Telesford

Having a strong background in Martial Arts was enough for me to work with Dean. I found Dean exceptionally professional and knowledgeable which provided me with the right mid set to go out there and win in anything that I chose to do.

I would highly recommend Dean for motivational speaking. Regardless of your sector, he has a story that will always relate to you personally and will encourage you to go out there and achieve.

Chris Telesford

Chairman & Coo


Team GB Taekwondo

Para Poomsae Athlete & Fighter

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